Health and Fitness – Sports and the Gym

It’s that time of year again where we are all hoping to beat the bulge and get back in shape. However maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just for those of us hoping to lose an extra few pounds; it’s essential to keep our bodies healthy.Leading a good lifestyle is also about more than just changing our eating habits and going through diet fads. The best way to get into shape is through regular exercise. There is no substitute for what regular exercise will do for you and in the age that we live in now there has never been more ways in which it can be undertaken.Partaking in a sporting activity that you enjoy is a good way in which you can maintain your personal fitness. Whether this activity is football, rugby, swimming or cycling; any of these represent a great way for you to get in shape and maintain your fitness. It must be keep in mind however when undertaking these that you are aware of injury. Anything from a sprained ankle to a broken leg could occur whilst you are playing any number of games, which is why you always need to warm up and cool down before and after playing. By doing this your muscles and tissues move with more freedom and are less prone to wear and tear.Your warm up exercises should focus mainly on the group of muscles that you are going to be using the most throughout your sporting activity. It is advised that these warm up exercises include jogging for between five and 15 minutes followed by gentle stretching for each of your main muscle groups. Your cool down exercises will be focused on light aerobics and the same gentle stretching used in your warm up.If sporting activities are however daunting and not very appealing but you still want to maintain your health and fitness then why not try joining a gym? This will have all of the right equipment and classes for you to choose from, ensuring that you get the exact results that you want. Before deciding which one you want to join you should ‘shop around’ for a bit first; go and visit a few, preferably in your local area so that you find one that is perfect for your needs and your wallet.A gym will provide you with the motivation to get fit as you will be surrounded by people who are all hoping to achieve a good level of health and fitness. Highly trained professionals know that being psychologically motivated is important if you want success from your health and fitness plan. In a gym it is almost like you have people to compete against. This sort of atmosphere will be perfect to get you motivated to work out.By joining you will not only be gaining access to all of the equipment that you need, you will also have a trained professionals on hand who will be able to help and advise you on the best classes to take and the best equipment to use. They will be able to write a programme based on your needs and have a wide diversity of activities to improve flexibility, mobility, posture, strength and power. A gym is designed with the right atmosphere and the right help for you to get in shape and start leading the healthy lifestyle that you want today.

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The Bodybuilding Health and Fitness Axis

Bodybuilding Up CloseBodybuilding is the art of using endurance exercises to stimulate gains in muscle and strength. The importance of bodybuilding lies in sculpturing the body to a precise physique definition through exercises. In the process of attaining that physique definition, you attain some five cardinal goals namely:a) Proper dieting techniquesb) Fast and efficient metabolismc) Weigh lossd) Optimal functionality of body organs systemse) Physical fitnessAs a way of explaining how these five goals of a bodybuilding program adds up to optimal health, lets us explore the link underlying bodybuilding, health and fitness.Establishing the LinkAs you stimulate muscle growth with bodybuilding exercises, you must also adopt proper dieting techniques to accompany the training regimen. Exercises and a good diet help make your metabolism fast and very efficient. With a fast and efficient metabolism rate, you can effectively synthesize the food calories you ingest daily, for energy and tissue development.What is more, to fuel the intense weight exercises you will need more calories than can be provided by the diet. These extra calories (called calorie deficit) will then be sourced from accumulated body fat. The metabolism will be apt to burn the stored body fats and do it pretty fast. The net result is that you will loose excess body weight. That is the connection between bodybuilding and weight loss.With weight loss, your body organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys etc will start working at their optimal state. There will be no clogging of blood veins by cholesterol. Your cardiovascular, circulatory and respiratory systems will function perfectly. That is the description of a healthy individual. From bodybuilding through weight loss, we have now attained optimal health.Ideal bodybuilding regimes are accompanied by cardiovascular training exercises in a bid to amplify weight loss. These exercises will include walking, swimming, rope jumping, running etc. The net result is a physically agile individual. An ideal bodybuilding program must also enhance physical fitness as part of the training routine. That is how we complete the axis starting from bodybuilding through health and finally to physical fitness.ConclusionFrom the foregoing elaboration, it is pretty clear that bodybuilding, health and fitness are intertwined to one. The objective of bodybuilding may as well be muscle and strength gains, but it also accrues health and with health, physical fitness. Once that link is conceptualized, then quality living unfolds.

Six Hot Tips For Marketing Your Health and Fitness Club

Marketing a health and fitness club falls into two separate but related tasks; namely, recruitment and retention of members. Recruitment refers to inviting and getting people to join the club while retention has to do with making them stay. The following tips will help you market your health and fitness club so that you will realise your revenue and profit objectives.
Clear targeting – It is important that you define clearly those you want to serve in the interest of precise messaging and response rate. If you send the right message to the right people at the right time, then they are more likely to answer you than otherwise. And the incidence of having the “wrong people” on your facility will be reduced.
The facility itself – This is key because this is arena or platform where your service is delivered. It should be well-appointed relative to the target market. The equipment should be clean and functional and varied. Not only that, the whole environment should send out health and fitness signals.
Your staff – Your clients would evaluate your club on the basis of the quality of interactions they have with your staff. Get in people with a service mentality. They should be professional, empathetic, enthusiastic, be prepared to take responsibility and go the proverbial extra mile to delight the customer.
Your processes – How easy is it to join your club and access your services? The forms for extracting members’ information should complete but brief enough not to look like a tax form.
Ancillary services – Remember that even a health and fitness club is a place for people to socialise and get some specialised education. You will enhance your members’ experience if you include a section for health foods and drinks as well as a library and bookshop stocking books and magazines on health and fitness topics. You can add variety by inviting experts to speak of vital health issues.
Provide for untoward events – Things happen and things do go wrong. Therefore I suggest you have a first aid section manned by those who know what to do in an emergency.Take these tips to heart and you should be able to recruit enough people into your health and fitness club, retain a high proportion of them and thereby lift the life time value of your members and hence your return on investment.