Big Bang for Business – Igniting Business Growth and Delivering Unlimited Success

The Big Bang was an event which led to the formation of the universe, according to the prevailing cosmological theory of the universe’s early development (ref: Wikipedia). In business, developing strategy that can have the same dramatic impact on business growth and sustainability has always been an unattainable dream – until now. In a complex, fast-changing world, leaders are required to identify opportunities and cope with change by having in-depth knowledge and understanding of circumstances surrounding them. And do that fast.Mastermind Solutions Inc. has developed a “Big Bang” concept of strategy planning that will provide organizations with dramatic insight to their business questions by combining:1. the understanding of the current business reality – the conscious minds – as seen through the eyes of the management team, with2. a view of the current reality through the subconscious minds of the management teamThe process compares and contrasts the knowledge that the company has about specific business challenges at the Conscious level, and collides it against the knowledge that they have at the Subconscious level, which ultimately leads to brand new, never before thought of, creative thinking, new strategic insights for the organization, and to new marketing/growth strategies.The Conscious business reality will be identified and documented via Mastermind’s Business and Sales Growth Audit that all members of the team will complete independently of each other. By having the members complete the audit independently some interesting perspectives will emerge and will provide some sumptuous food for thought for the management team.Among the areas that will be audited are1. the external business environment that the organization operates within, including the markets, customers and competitors that operate there.2. the internal environment within the organization, which may include issues such as goals, strategies, resources, capabilities and programs, and3. the definitive business and marketing tactics that have been (or are currently) being adopted. These may include identifying new or existing products or services, sales, communications and a host of new media tactics such as the internet and social media.It’s guaranteed that different people within management will have differing views on the conscious business realities. These will be highlighted through the audit and will provide fertile ground for the subconscious business reality to be nurtured. Once the subconscious business reality is uncovered and is allowed to collide with the conscious business realities, then the real fun and excitement will begin. The Big Bang will be well and truly on its way.The Subconscious business reality will be identified by a specialized team that uses proprietary tools to uncover fresh subconscious insights. These tools highlight a combination of cultural and organizational drivers that detail how customers and prospects operate relative to your business issue at hand. It then uncovers and sequences a detailed strategic roadmap to the ideal solution for that issue.Sounds crazy? Can you think of a really good practical reason why a company such as Starbucks even exists? They are by far the most expensive coffee shop around; their coffee and other products are a little weird; and they speak a really strange language. Yet, the growing customer base has a real affinity with the store, with the brand, with the image. The brand resonates with people because of an instinctive feeling, an association with something cool, and a gut feeling that it “just feels right for me”. They just love the idea of Starbucks.By truly understanding these subconscious drivers and by allowing these drivers to positively collide with the conscious reality a brand new set of creative ideas will be created. It is incredible how those two levels of consciousness are often in conflict. The competitive environment today is such that organizations need to find unique ways to compete. Big Bang for Business allows organizations to reach deep within to truly differentiate themselves in a compelling, relevant and authentic manner.If you wish to leave the bad behind and open your mind to new ideas; create the highest level of choices through an “explosive creation” environment via a safe but ever-moving process; create things you have never created before; be recognized as #1 in your chosen niche and create a sense of euphoria and upliftment that will ultimately deliver unlimited success – then Big Bang for Business is for you. If you are hungry for change and growth, and do not want to maintain the status quo in your business, then Big Bang for Business is for you.